bullying in colleges and universities

Bullying And Harassment In Universities

Contains bullying prevention resources and materials. Confront. There is a chance that the bully may actually not know they are being a bully. This person may think this is normal behavior, and have never been called out on it. You may have to be the first person to address this behavior. Set up a time to talk with this person in a private setting and explain how he or she is making you feel by the bullying behavior. Avoid making “You” statements and try to phrase things in an “I feel” way so the bully won’t immediately be defensive. The best case scenario is that the bully will change the behavior after it comes to light.

Unfortunately, Brown says, workplace bullying is illegal in only about 20 percent of cases, such as when the behavior violates civil rights or whistle-blower protections. In most other cases, workplace bullying is considered status-blind harassment, for which there is no legal recourse, she says. Few employers have specific policies to address workplace bullying, so internal remedies are often limited as well,” says Brown, who in her role with WBI provides professional coaching services over the telephone each year to hundreds of individuals — nationally and internationally — who have experienced workplace bullying.

The process has dragged on for 2½ years and remains unresolved. The college has failed to validate my exoneration and continues to impose punitive restrictions on me. From the outset, the manner in which the college dealt with the complaint has been flawed and unfair. The policy under which the complaint was processed has not been distributed to staff – a failure of institutional governance. The college did not adhere to the requirements of the policy, particularly in relation to the legitimacy of the complaint.

The new law additionally revises the definition of gender for purposes of existing prohibitions against discrimination in higher education, adding “gender expression” to the definition of prohibited discrimination; “gender expression” in turn is defined as “a person’s gender-related appearance and behavior, whether or not stereotypically associated with the person’s assigned sex at birth.” The new law makes additional changes to certain existing laws prohibiting discrimination in postsecondary institutions and programs, and requirements related to reporting of hate violence on campus, to include sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression within the scope of those prohibitions and requirements.

It is impossible for an individual being assigned to live with a person for a few months or even a year to know all of their roommate’s pet peeves or how their roommate reacts when they are angry, sad or even feeling lonely. Unfortunately, a college student has no way of knowing if and when they will be bullied by their roommate. They can’t predict what tactics their roommate will use to harass them. Therefore the individual is unprepared mentally and emotionally to cope with being harassed over an extended period time or being the victim of a sudden inappropriate act of cruelty by an individual they have been assigned to sleep a few feet away from.

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