I Was Bullied in College

Related Quality Of Life Among College Students

Bullying is a serious issue for young people in today’s world, but it’s hardly a new trend. Students are sometimes afraid that if they make a fuss, it will prejudice the character reference they need to progress on their course. This should not be a problem if your case is dealt with properly through correct university or workplace bullying and harassment policies. The fact remains that until you do something about it, it is unlikely that the behaviour will stop. It is much better for your wellbeing to take action and to help others in the future by showing that bullying won’t be tolerated. Don’t feel you have to wait until you are at breaking point to take action.

I think it is safe to say that, by any standards, I am an odd twentysomething. I was also a weird kid and a strange teenager. I am a teetotaler who prefers a good salad over junk food and who would rather have a good night’s sleep if she can have it. I enjoy serious literature, and, whilst I love music (like any human being does), it doesn’t have that much significance for me. I may listen to pop music with the same enthusiasm I have when I listen to Tchaikovsky, and I don’t give it much of a thought. I don’t strive to be cool, or at least, if I do try to be, it’s by my own standards and not those of my peers. I have some mental health issues (especially related to my General Anxiety) that have somehow become known and prominent without my being able to avoid it. I am slightly socially awkward (I used to be THE socially awkwardness in person, but I have bettered myself in that aspect). I am opinionated and outspoken, but I am also reserved and far from a people pleaser.

Whenever I build up the strength to tell someone about this year, I get the same old fake response Oh my, how horrible, I am so sorry. But don’t worry, I have been bullied too so I understand.” The thing is though; that statement is never comforting because right then I think Really… You have been verbally attacked while walking in your hometown and school? You have been betrayed by some of your closest friends? Spent many late nights to early mornings crying yourself to sleep? You have been publicly harassed? And still at the end of all of it, got blamed for every last thing too?” Nobody ever answers yes” back. Never.

SPSS 20.0 (IBM SPSS Statistics, IBM Corporation, Chicago, IL) was used to perform all statistical analyses. Descriptive statistics were first examined, and then bivariate associations were evaluated by using analysis of variance (ANOVA). Finally, multivariate linear regression modeling was performed to investigate the associations between bullying experiences and 4 HRQOL domain scores. As recommended by the WHOQOL-BREF Taiwan version working group, the previously noted variables that are likely to affect people’s HRQOL, including depression and adolescent problem behaviors, were controlled for in the analyses.

Similar to school-age bullying, the root of college-age bullying often boils down to how someone is different, according to Van Brunt. Targets might include a student with an autism spectrum disorder, an undergrad who is overweight or a classmate who is viewed as being the professor’s favorite. On certain campuses, college students may be targeted for being too smart, while at other schools, students may be bullied for not being smart enough, he says. The prospect of elevating one’s social status is another common motivating factor for bullying in college, Van Brunt says, just as it is in secondary and elementary school.

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